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Nutrition Facts Labeling Information

Serving size (See RACC information)

Servings Per Container


Fat (g)

Saturated Fat (g)

Trans Fat (g)

Cholesterol (mg)

Sodium (mg)

Total Carbohydrate (g)

Dietary fiber (g)

Total Sugars (g)

Added Sugars (g)

Protein (g)

Vitamin D (mcg)

Calcium (mg)

Iron (mg)

Potassium (mg)

Nutrition Facts Serving , Serv. size: , Amount per servings: Calories , Total Fat g(% DV), Sat. Fat g(% DV), Trans g Cholesterol mg(% DV), Sodium mg(% DV), Total carb. g(% DV), Fiber g(% DV), Total Sugar g (Incl. g,Added Sugars, %,DV) Protein g, Vit. D ( %DV), Calcium ( % DV), Iron ( %DV), Potassium ( %DV),
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